The foundation for Project Fitness was laid back in 2006 when Greg Haase and Valerie Vitale Molite met.  Greg and Valerie were training at the same gym, and an instant friendship began. The two saw similar qualities in each other, both shared a love for challenging people and doing whatever it took to help their clients reach their goals. Greg and Valerie respected each other’s work ethic and ability to relate to all clients and coworkers alike.

Through the years and many gym endeavors, Greg and Valerie never lost touch. While they worked at different locations, they maintained a friendship and mutual respect. Finally, an opportunity presented itself for the two friends to once again become coworkers. They were able to share space training out of local gym for over 4 years. Through this time Greg and Valerie were able to enjoy working side by side again and they began to pursue a partnership.

After many years as friends and  co workers, Greg and Valerie finally set out to join together and merge their skills and knowledge and develop Project Fitness. Their vision to challenge clients, improve health and well-being, and create a fun and motivational environment has now become a reality.



Greg Haase
Greg HaasePersonal Trainer
Sports has always a big part of my life. Growing up you could almost always find me shooting hoops in the driveway or playing a game with friends in the street or in the backyard. Even though I was constantly active in youth sports leagues or playing, I still wasn’t in the best shape. I loved food! I had a habit of reaching for cookies, potato chips and soda. In my early teens I had a little extra weight and I wasn’t feeling good about it.

It was the summer before entering high school when my older brother became a big influence on me with fitness. He was running and working out and I noticed the good changes he was making. He also let me know that even though I was good at basketball it was going to get a lot tougher and I needed to be in much better shape to compete at that level. He was pushing me to do run, do pushups and sit ups everyday. It wasn’t easy but my fitness was a lot better and it felt great. Conditioning became a habit and it gave me an edge too in sports.

At 18 and super skinny I would tag along with my brothers and uncle to the gym. Next weight training and cardio became a daily routine for me. I soon worked out with a trainer and he helped push me further with my workouts. I gained knowledge about nutrition and the combo of better eating habits and working out gave me great results. I was motivated to get my personal training certification and help others do the same. While in school I helped coach my old junior high and high school basketball teams and had a blast running the conditioning programs!

In 2005 I got my first personal training job at a studio in Tucson. I was very fortunate to work with some amazing trainers that got me started on the right track. I learned to run a variety of programs that were fun and challenging for all ages and fitness levels. I discovered kick boxing and integrated into my training and my clients loved it. I also got certified to do golf and other sport specific training programs. In 2008 I went independent as a personal trainer and started doing morning boot camps at a nearby park and had a lot of fun working with groups of people.

I really enjoy working with people of all ages. I often go from one session training an 18 year old athlete who wants to improve their strength and conditioning to a 75 year old who wants to work on toning and balance. The variety of clientele keeps my job fun and interesting. I love coaching people and that goes all the way back to my sports days. My goal is to help others not only look and feel better but live healthier lives. I have met a lot of great people and made lot of great friends too over the years. I truly enjoy my job and want to continue training for many years to come.


Valerie Molite
Valerie MolitePersonal Trainer
My fitness journey started at the age of 12 when I began to race in cross country. I loved the feeling of accomplishment when finishing races and enjoyed pushing past mental obstacles. I continued to participate in cross country into high school, where a new passion developed. At the age of 16, I was introduced to strength training. I started working out almost daily and was amazed by the change in my physique.

By the time I left for college, weight training was a huge outlet and time spent just for myself. I continued to lift weights and pay close attention to my nutrition while pursuing my degree. Soon, I discovered the world of bodybuilding and figure competitions. I entered my first figure competition at the age of 22 and was instantly hooked. The dedication, discipline and structure required to train for competitions was incredibly challenging but reaching my goals was amazing.

I graduated in 2003 and began a teaching career, while continuing to work out and compete. During this time, I spent my Summer break from teaching working as a personal trainer. It didn’t take long for me to realize this was perfect balance of my two passions, teaching and fitness.

I started personal training full time in 2007. Since then, I have worked with an incredibly diverse clientele from fellow competitors to people rehabbing from injuries or surgery. I love to push my clients to achieve success and help others make fitness a priority. With clients ranging in age from 14 to 80, I have assisted in building strength, developing balance and improving quality of life. I thoroughly enjoy helping people reach their goals, no matter how small or large they may be. I also take a great deal of pride in developing close relationships with my clients, as I believe fitness and well being are fostered in both physical and mental aspects of life.

Through my years competing in Figure, I have received numerous first place trophies and two overall titles. I am currently competing at the national level, and I enjoy the challenge of competing against the most dedicated women in the sport of figure. I continue to strive to achieve my personal best each time I step on stage.